Friday, 19.06.2020

Having arrived at Gross Barmen Hot Springs Resort we move into our rooms

17:00h Dinner

ln the afternoon:

We have a look at the observing site and put up the telescopes we may have brought along. If you want to observe the sun.

You can do so, using various telescopes and filters.

At dusk:

and after dark we will observe: the rise of the earth's shadow, the zodiacal light, changing the colours of the sky, the gradual

appearance of the stars and the planets.

The sun sets at 18:17h, at 19:34h she will be 18 degrees below the horizon which means the end of astronomical twilight

and therefore complete darkness

What can be seen in the sky at the evening?

Alex Arnold, Friedhelm Hund, Eberhard von Grumbkow and Wolf-Peter Hartmann will show you through various telescopes,

such as

the moon setting at 17:03, therefore not visible;

Mercury setting at 18:27 - not good visible during the evening

Venus setting at 19:40, can maybe seen during the day also

Mars: rising at 17:19 - best visible! Has mag -2,5 – even brighter than Jupiter

Jupiter: culminating at 18:10, high in the sky at the fall of night

Saturn: culminating at 21:45 - long and good to observe

Uranus: rising late 23:41

Neptun: rising quite late 20:21 but gettig better all night

And hopefully a bright comet too and, of course, many galaxies as NGC5128 (Centaurus A), M83, Ngc 4945 (the cigar) Skyview June 19th 2020 20:00 The observing site Midgard 2016 These and moreobservations will give plenty of opportunities for lively discussions on various astronomical topics.

Saturday, 20.06.2020

7:00-10:00 h Breakfast after a long observing night 10:30 Uhr official opening of the 12. SSFT During the day there will be 2 or 3 lectures on various topics 17:00 h Dinner At evening you may attend a Beginner 's AstroTraining: How do I find my way around the sky? How do I handle a pair of binoculars or a Dobsonian telescope? At night we will do as much observing as possible.

Sunday, 21.06.2020

7:00-10:00 h Breakfast Apart from the sun, have you ever tried to observe a planet during the daytime? It can be done! The star party will come to an end, unless you wish to continue individually: you can do so at places in Namibia, such as Hakos, Rooiklip, Rooisand or Tivoli. There is no order of rank in this enumeration. You will meet people with astronomical expertise at any of these places.

Equipment at the side

There will be various telescopes set up at the observing site on all days:Several Dobsonians with various apertures and other telescopes from 60mm aperture onwards, either equatorialy or azimutaly mounted. Binoculars from 8x30 up to the Giant Miyauchi 20x100mm, besides whatever the participants are bringing along. You will be able to compare various eyepieces, finders, pointers, binocular mountings, rotating star charts, different Star atlases and whatever else you may need for future observing sessions.


The Gross Barmen Hot Springs Resort offers for participants of the SSFT double rooms standard for ???N$, single rooms for ???N$; camping is possible. booking via please, who cares in namibia for it. There will be a security service during the event. The lighting of the place will be reduced to a minimum. There will be no car traffic at the observing site during the night. White light must be avoided by all means. We like to think of Africa as a rather hot place. But remember: June is wintertime and the nights can be very chilly. So don't forget warm clothing!

Contribution towards the expenses

The charge for the SSFT will be 100N$.A possible surplus will be donated to the "Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Windhoek".

Midgard 2016


The Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH)

ACCESS BY ROAD directions sketch

From Windhoek via B1 (tar) direction to Okahandja and after ~70km in Okahandja left in the D1792 ~30km to Gross Barmen Hot Springs Resort Transport can be organized as well as trips around Namibia prior to the SSFT or afterwards. Please contact Ms. R. Lowe, E-mail for trips: for transport or car hire Key word: SSFT For rental cars: please consider, that in Namibia you have to drive on the left side!

Camping Equipment

Camping gear may be hired in Windhoek at Adventure C Hire Saves you a lot of luggage during the flight!

Car Hire

You need a car if you want to get anywhere in Africa. But remember: you must definitely drive on the left hand side of the road! You should also have an International Driver's License.

Flight to Namibia and back; Air transport

Air Namibia and Condor offer direct flights from Frankfurt.

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